Luxury Portable Cabins

These kabins are the fastest accommodation units to install.

Our office and storage facility is just off junction 10 of the M50 in Rosemount Business Park. 

These are stand alone Kabins. These kabins are the fastest accommodation units to install. These Instant accommodation units come as standard with a plasterboard internal finish, vinyl floor covering, fluorescent lights, complete electrical fittings, sockets etc, dimplex heaters and an all weather high security external door.

Optional Extras can include: Wallpaper finish, carpet tiles, suspended ceiling, double glazing, showers toilets, drying rooms, toilets furniture, blinds and profile sheeting / cladding exterior. These Units can also be linked throught to give a high quality finish & a larger space. They can Range in size from 5ft x 4ft to 48ft x 14ft.

A 86.4 SQM linked luxury portable cabin. This unit with a mono pitch high insulated roof & steel chassis base was custom designed to meet Alltec’s requirements for a modern & bright work space for they’re expanding Limerick Operation.

Recently Completed Projects:


Alltec Fibres Ltd - Co. Limerick

2 No. New 40' x 12' Luxury Portable Cabins Linked for a Open Plan Office


Site Mate Limited - Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

New 40' x 12' New Luxury Portable Cabin Designed as a Showroom

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