Castle Quarry & Crushing - Oranmore

Newly Created Double Office

The Task:

With Castle Quarries looking for a newly created office facility they approached
Asset Accommodation about providing a new office unit which can be met to their

After consulting with our Design Team, Castle Quarries commissioned Asset Accommodation to provide a full site accommodation for a New Office Facility.

Project Feature:

    • 2 No. New 40’ x 12’ Linked Units
    • Double Insulated Walls
    • Fully Fitted Data Rail
    • Fully Fitted Kitchen with Hob & Fan
    • 1 No. Toilets & Shower
    • Personal Office
    • Storage Room
    • To Install a protected Barrier Under and between the units

The Solution:

Asset Accommodation supplied the contractor our New Standard Luxury Units Along A fully fitted kitchen with a hob & fan, large office, personal office, storage area & 1 No. Toilet & Shower. Castle Quarries Units were also finished the unit linking the 2 units together through 2 No. hallways & then placing a plywood trim under the units which were then painted the same colour as the units.

The Asset Accommodation bespoke layout and high Modern Finish created a bright and spacious office environment

The finished Units were fully equipped with the following:

  • UPVC Double-Glazed Windows
  • LED Lighting
  • 1.5 Kw Panel Heaters
  • Vinyl Floor Covering
  • 13 Amp Double Sockets
  • Network Sockets
  • 85 mm insulated Walls
  • Sound Proof Private Room


Castle Quarries was very impressed with the quality, design & Structural Strength of the units and appreciated Asset Accommodations Efficiency, Safety & Professionalism of our workers on site when working with a highly reputable company.