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About Asset Accommodation

Asset Accommodation are leaders in industry and supplying the pharmaceutical, local government, schools, and the construction industry with portable accommodation. We are known nationwide for our quality, which also includes our rapidness in the delivery and installation of our various products. Our accommodation is modern and comfortable, perfect for any work environment. The accommodation ranges from a variety of different products which will suit the different needs and wants of our client from standard unit Kabins, which are perfect for offices, canteens, drying rooms and toilet blocks and complexes large enough to house hospital extensions, conference rooms, car showrooms and 2 story classrooms. We hold a wide range of stock which is available for purchase, lease or rental. Our office and storage facility is just off junction 5 of the M50 in Rosemount Business Park. With over 40 year’s experience, our team is committed to making sure with our clients, that we can design and meet whatever their requirements.

We, at Asset Rentals have worked at creating the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally sustainable Kabins within the market. We are committed to health and safety within the workplace and ensure that all workers have a safe pass. We are also committed to security and making sure our Kabins are the most secure in the country. We try to ensure that the quality of our Kabins is unrivaled and continue to be innovators within our industry.


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